Cretan gastronomy

The Cretan dietary archetype is known today all across the world. In recent years, the international scientific community has been increasing its studies for the significant benefits that has to human health.

But what is the secret of the Cretan diet? Crete has one of the oldest and most tasteful cuisines in the world. It is the continuation of traditional flavors, aromas, ingredients and styles dating all the way back to the Minoan times.
A major feature is the simplicity, freshness and quality of the ingredients, that most of them are cultivated from the local people. The high consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables is also another characteristic.

The local products of the island, such as olive oil, dairy products, honey, endemic plants and various wild herbs, have formed the eating habits of Cretan people and have contributed to the fame of the Cretan diet for being the healthiest nutritional model in the world. This explains why it is the base for the “Mediterranean Diet”.

Also, alcohol in moderation can be part of a healthy diet. The benefits of red wine are well documented, and the Cretan gastronomy embraces these benefits! At least one glass of wine will regularly accompany the meal.

Above all, it’s not just the nutritional benefits of the high-quality products of Crete, but it is the significant role that food plays in life. The Cretan Diet is a way of life that includes values such as hospitality, family and strong bonds. It is not just what we eat but the way we live our lives and cultivate.

If you are looking for a healthy diet without compromising your enjoyment for food, you have just found out the most tasteful way to live a long life with no health problems.
So, visit Azure Beach Villas at Nopigia, Chania, and discover the delights of the Cretan diet.

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