Exporing the picturesque alleys of old port of Chania

The Old Town of Chania is considered as one of the most alluring and fascinating parts of Crete. In summer it is like a colorful painting, like a collection of unique images, thoughts, and feelings that you should experience at least once in your life.
It is just half an hour away from Azure Beach Villas by car and you can explore it at any particular time of the day, as each moment is the same magical.

The old port of Chania was created initially by the Venetians in the 14th century. It was built for commercial purposes and to protect the city from pirates. It is known also for the famous lighthouse and the arsenals that stand there from historic times. The entire harbor is colorfully attractive with many different shaped buildings that have been survived by the ravages of war and plunder.

The picturesque alleys reveal the different cultures that have left their mark on the island over time. The atmosphere has a touch of Florence and Venice combined with the culture and character of Cretan people. Walking around the narrow charming streets you will find beautiful shops with plenty of products and lovely souvenirs. You can discover traditions, customs, and the slow living of locals who greet you like an old friend. Stretching behind the Venetian harbor, offers also a phenomenal spot for romantic walks to both visitors and locals.

Besides the numerous options for sightseeing and exploration, many cozy tavernas are hidden in the backstreets of the old port. There you will have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes cooked with high-quality products, always made with love and care by the Cretan people.

Chania old Town still holds a delicate aura and a refined aesthetic that can make you relax and get away from the ordinary. How would you feel if this summer you could actually live your dreams to the fullest in one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean? Stay at Azure Beach Villas and grasp the chance to explore Chania Old Town.

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